Dedusting Plants – ÇEMAŞ Casting Factory

//Dedusting Plants – ÇEMAŞ Casting Factory

Dedusting Plants – ÇEMAŞ Casting Factory

ÇİMTEK and ÇEMAŞ DÖKÜM SANAYİ A.Ş. signed a contract for installation of Dedusting Plants at  ÇEMAŞ Casting Factory in KIRŞEHİR.

ÇEMAŞ makes investments in its Casting Factory located in Kırşehir for the purpose of capacity increase, modernization and quality improvement.

In parallel with the new investments and modernization works to be made, dedusting plants will be constructed by ÇİMTEK.

Dust emitted from dust sources will be collected by hoods and gas ducts, and dust particles will be retained in jet pulse bag filters and cyclone units, and air will be released from chimneys under the dust emission limits allowed by the Air Quality Protection Regulation.

Within the scope of contract, two filter plants with a capacity of 175.000 m³/h and 100.000 m³/h and a cyclone plant with a capacity of 88.000 m³/h will be installed.

The dedusting plants are planned to be completed in the summer of 2022.